Excessive Sweating – How to Keep Your Skin Dry

Excessive sweating is a major problem affecting people from all walks of life. This issue which is also known as hyperhidrosis can affect both men and women of any age. The problem may result in suffering from isolation, stress, feeling embarrassed, low self-esteem and many other factors. Excessive sweating can ruin a person’s private or public life, health making life miserable.

What are the causes of excessive sweating?

Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the leading causes of excessive sweating. Taking poor diet containing excess sugar, salt, and fat can result in the problem.

Consumption of alcohol, smoking cigarette or taking other drugs can be another cause of hyperhidrosis. They block our body system which interferes with the pumping of blood and secretion of waste.

Anxiety and emotions
When one is faced with some uncomfortable situations like a first job interview, excessive sweating may take place.

Hormonal Changes
Change of hormones is another cause of excessive sweating. Women in their 40s and teenagers mostly encounter this since their hormone levels changes during these times.

Medical Conditions
Medical conditions like psychiatric disorders, obesity, hyperthyroidism and much more can be another cause of excessive sweating.

Excessive Sweating – How to keep your skin dry?

Thoracic Sympathectomy
This method involves inserting a small endoscopic instrument under the armpit through surgery. It works by demolishing the small parts of the nerve that connects the sweat glands.

This method involves using an iontophoresis machine such as the Dermadry device to restore the normal operating of sweat glands. The treatment is painless where water conducts a light electric current on the victim’s skin.

Oral Medication
Some medications can be used to ease sweating. However, you should never try to use over the counter medications or use your friend’s medications. Your body is different and will respond differently to the drugs. You need to seek the services of registered practitioner since the medicines may have adverse effects on your body.

Proper dieting
Taking the appropriate diet and excising routinely can also be an excellent approach to fight excessive sweating.

Clothing and hygiene
In case of hormonal changes, the only way out is by wearing light clothes, using air conditioners and antiperspirants. One should also opt for natural hygiene means instead of deodorants and soaps to lower bacteria in a skin. This will reduce sweating.


Excessive sweating can interrupt the life of a person. You will be uncomfortable where even your sex life can be greatly affected. You may also feel rejected by the society. The good thing is that the problem can be cured. The first step in curing it is by knowing the cause. With the above guide, you can quickly get rid of the problem and live a happy life.